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The Micro Plane tools are ideal for carving, shaving, shaping and forming. They have all the advantages of earlier sheet metal files plus one distinctive advantage, these really work. Constructed from tough, fully hardened stainless steel, MicroPlane(tm) tools feature razor sharp teeth that cut 10 times faster and hold a cutting edge 10 times longer than similar sheet metal tools. MicroPlane(tm) tools are designed to cut hardwood, softwood, masonite, particle board etc. and other relatively soft materials such as fiberglass and autobody fillers. These unique tools cut cleanly with little effort and leave the worked surface smooth and ready to sand. The round blade comes equipped with its own comfortable wooden handle. It is used, like other round files and rasps, to enlarge holes and shape inside curves, but it cuts much faster and leaves a smoother finish than any similar tool. Comes in 3 sizes. The square blade is designed for general shaping and smoothing where larger blades will not fit. It is also excellent for cutting flat bottomed notches and triangular grooves. Comes in 3 sizes. Wooden handle included.
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