Many of you may have seen how beautiful and decorative projects with inlayed crushed stone is.  Most think inlaying stone is an incredibly difficult process.  It’s not!  With a little crushed stone (turquoise, green malachite, etc), glue, and some sandpaper you will be able to complete your project in no time.


The video above will walk you through the process in much greater detail, but here are the general steps to inlaying crushed stone.


1. Seal the wood around the area where the stone will be inlayed.  This will help prevent the glue from “staining” the area around the inlay.

2. Dry pack the crushed stone into the crack or crevasse.  Work the stone into all the areas and use some of the smaller pieces of stone to fill in the tiny areas and corners.

3. Use the Hot Stuff Original CA (cyanoacrylate) glue and pour over the top of the crushed stone.  After it dries completely some will also use the Hot Stuff Super T CA glue to give the area a sealing coat.

4.Sand the area smooth so it is flush with the wood around it.  

5.Apply your finish.

That’s it!


Give it a try and see just how easy it is to add such a decorative touch to your projects.


Products used in this video:

                Crushed Turquoise

                Hot Stuff Original Glue

                Hot Stuff Super T Glue

                Cloth Backed Sandpaper