Carving Woodspirits: Beyond the Basics

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Carving Woodspirits: Beyond the Basics
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Carving Woodspirits: Beyond the Basics


Carving Woodspirts: Beyond the Basics is a step-by-step tutorial on how to carve a detailed woodspirit face on a walking stick. Most steps provide expanded knowledge on not only how to make each cut but why. The principles taught in this book can easily be applied to virtually any face carving project, realistic or caricature. This book goes beyond some of the basic face carving instructions taught in many other books and shortens the learning curve on skills that took more advanced carvers years to learn. Carving Woodspirits is full of tips, tricks and techniques that Susan has learned over the last 25 years of carving and instructing. The book also includes over 20 patterns, gallery and resources page. This book is a must-have for anyone who really wants to learn how to carve a face. Coil bound for convenience.

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This book is extremely well done and easy to follow.
The clear step by step photos and explanations make carving so easy. The progress shots help to make sure you are carving it properly, which I found very helpful.
I followed the book, step by step and in 2 hours I had a wood spirit carving and I am a novice at best. (I carved it on a pumpkin and the principles still worked :)
The principles taught in this book will help with any face carving. I appreciated the tips sections and the knowledge I gained from them.
This is a must won't regret it, for sure!!
Review by Smilinquilter / (Posted on 11/1/2013)
Best Woodspirit Book published
If you are interested in carving Woodspirits, and do not want to buy an entire library on the subject -- buy this book. It is the most comprehensive book published on the subject.

I have all sorts of Woodspirit books, from a variety of publishers, and authors. I try to absorb as much "how to" information as I can. This book is the absolute best book on the subject I have ever seen. Many will tell you to cut like "this" and give a couple of face position techniques. None have gone to the lengths these authors have to ensure you understand the front -- side -- why and where of every part and cut and when to apply the technique. Photographs and diagrammed photos are (my best guess) 50% of the book content. If you need photos and diagrams -- this is your book. Very little is spent on tools, which are covered but not like other books, and that is fine with me. I want technique and a clear understanding of how deep and what direction to make the cut. This book delivers on that. There were many pages devoted to proportions and how to arrive at them. No other book has devoted even 25% of what these authors do regarding proportions.

I assure you, I get nothing whatsoever, if this book succeeds or fails -- I have my copy -- I am not a professional or paid reviewer. I am a very happy customer. If you buy this book, I am sure you will be happy as well.

Phil Review by Philphoto / (Posted on 9/11/2013)
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