Deluxe NSK Presto II Engraving Kit

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Deluxe NSK Presto II Engraving Kit
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Deluxe NSK Presto II Engraving Kit


The NSK Presto II tool is the top of the line high speed engraving system. With a top speed of 320,000 rpm it gives the user incredible control to make precise cuts. This tool is perfect for shallow relief carving, engraving, gunstock carving, egg carving, glass and metal engraving, piercing (especially for woodturners), and so much more. This tool will engrave details better than anything else. It is completely oil free which means it will never "spit" oil out onto your project or hands. It will connect to most air compressors that can deliver at least 2.0 CFM at 35 psi. Just about any compressor with a tank will be more than sufficient to run the NSK Presto.

We have just put together the Deluxe NSK Presto Engraving Kit to give you everything you need to get started into most forms of carving and engraving. The kit includes:

  • NSK Presto Handpiece
  • Filter/Regulator/Switch
  • 10 pk of Stencil Film (to transfer patterns to your project and you can carve right through it.)
  • 24 Hole Bur Block
  • 9 Carbide Bits (#2, #4, #6, #8, #37, 2 #699, #703, #7903)
  • 3 Diamond Bits (Small Football, Large Football, #4 Ball)
  • 2 Green Stone Bits (Round and Flame)
  • Handpiece Stand
  • Cleaning Brush (for handpiece)

This is a great kit and provides all the basic tools to help get started.  We do have many other bits available, but this would be a great start for most forms of carving, engraving and piercing.

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