Strong 202 Micro Motor with Footpedal

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Strong 202 Micro Motor with Footpedal
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Strong 202 Micro Motor with Variable Speed Footpedal


This is the perfect tool for doing detail work using 3/32 or 1/8" bits. The Saeshin Strong 202 45,000 RPM Micro Motor comes complete with a handpiece and it is reversible, allowing the user to use certain types of bits in either direction. Changing carving bits is a breeze with the quick change collet mechanism, just twist to change bits. The motor has excellent torque at both low and high speeds. With virtually no vibration and true running collets, you will be able to do fine detail like the professionals. The 45,000 RPM handpiece comes standard with a 1/8” collet and 3/32 collet reducer. Reducer eliminates collet changes. Features: 100% quality tested at the factory. Excellent torque at low and high speeds Includes cradle rest and universal collet wrench. Accepts 3/32" and 1/8" burs. Automatic overload protection saves handpiece from overload, or abuse. Bi-directional switch, with center stop position. This kit comes with a variable speed footpedal which is great for having even more control over your bits..


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Outstanding Unit
The critical test of any micro motor unit is the amount of flexibility it gives the user. I find the Strong 202 to be best micro motor unit I have ever used, for the following reasons. The handpiece which is the heart of a micro motor unit, is outstanding. First, the handpiece is small enough for good precise control for small, detailed work. Second, the handpiece is well balanced so the your hand doesn't tire from holding it too tight to keep control of the unit and your bur work. I can work for long periods of time without hand strain usually created from a tight grip on an handpiece. Third, the handpiece is very quiet, even at high speeds. With my dust collector on, I sometimes have to check to see if it is turned on before I put the bur to the surface. Changing from 1/8 to 3/32, or 1/16 burs takes just a second, simply insert the desired reducer into the 1/8 collet installed in the handpiece.

The base unit is very easy to use and the speed display an extra plus. It also has all the standard features.

This is an excellent micro motor unit, and well worth the money.

Review by Denzel / (Posted on 11/1/2017)
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